Room Guide

Living Room

Add warmth and character to your living room. Use a smaller rug to accent your pieces—under a coffee table, for example. A larger size can ground your space and sit underneath more pieces of furniture.

Dining Room

In a dining room, a large size rug can frame your table and chairs, making your guests feel extra welcome and comfortable.

Work Spaces

Adding texture and comfort to your workspace, can make work feel a little less like work. Try grounding your home office with a rug that compliments your desk size.


In the bedroom, a large rug can provide a warm foundation, framing your entire bed and extending warmth and comfort along the front and sides. Runners and smaller rugs can provide a nice variety of textures around the bed, as well.


In narrow spaces, a runner is the best value add. It can be used as a transition piece for a hallway or by adding color and warmth to the floor.

Wall Decor

Hanging rugs on the wall can be a funky way to highlight the amazing handmade designs that many of these artisans bring to life.


Incoporating a rug into your kitchen is a nice way to add a layer of comfort into the most important room of the home.