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> Naima's Zanafi x Flatweave

Naima's Zanafi x Flatweave - Salam Hello
Naima's Zanafi x Flatweave - Salam Hello

Naima's Zanafi x Flatweave

While this piece is sold out, not to worry. Email us at and we can work with the artisan to produce a similar handcrafted rug unique to you, delivered within 2 months.

Size: 2.9 x 6.2 ft
Rug Style: Zanafi x Flatweave
Pile: Flat
Materials: 100% live sheep’s wool, organic spice blends for dye  

The Story Behind the Weave:

Due to COVID-19, we're introducing a new way to buy never-before-seen rugs. We’re calling it Artisan Selects. We’ve asked our artisans to take pictures and share some of their favorite weaves.  

This piece is from a beautiful collective of women artisans just outside of Tazenakht.

Mlouka, the matriarch of the collective, has passed the art of weaving down to her daughters, daughters-in-law, cousins, and villagers. 

As she is getting older, her daughter Naima (pictured)  & Fatima have stepped in to oversee the teaching process.

This is Naima’s favorite zanafi x flatweave weave.