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Haja Rokia - 21201 - Salam Hello
Haja Rokia - 21201 - Salam Hello
Haja Rokia - 21201 - Salam Hello
Haja Rokia - 21201 - Salam Hello

Haja Rokia - 21201

This carpet was handwoven by Haja Rokia. Haja Rokia lives in the southern Moroccan province of Ouarzazate, in a town called Tazenakt.

There are more than 27 weaving cooperatives in Tazenakt, making it a popular stop for middlemen from larger cities, who come to buy textiles in bulk.

Haja Rokia belongs to a cooperative called Aknif Glaoui. She’s one of the oldest women there. The day I visited Aknif Glaoui, four women were working on three looms while one of their babies looked on.

Haja Rokia spent seven months creating this gorgeous carpet. Its design comes purely from Haja Rokia’s imagination and artistic intuition, the whimsical color splashes like a Rorschach test. She used natural spices to dye the wool: The red comes from variations of henna, while the blue comes from indigo. The white and gray colors are the natural color of the camel.

Middleman buyers have found that simpler, more subdued designs are most popular with tourists, so Haja Rokia doesn’t weave designs like this anymore—this rug is truly one-of-a-kind.

Size: 4.5x6.8 ft
Rug Style: Moroccan Hand-Knotted
Pile: Small
Wool: 100% live camel fur—strong and lustrous.
Natural and spice dyes.