Berber women have been handweaving textiles since 600 BC, passing the craft from generation to generation. They carry this tradition with them as they work, telling new stories with each knot of every textile.

Artisans can easily spend months, or even years, on these pieces, often as they raise children and run households. They are invaluable works of art.

Salam Hello meets every seller face-to-face.

The Traditional Approach To Pricing

Brokers drive artisan prices down with successive visits. Artisans can barely earn back their own time and materials.
Broker sells to a souk or store owner with a large markup, pocketing the profit.
Store Owner
Souk or store owner sells to you or to buyers from larger stores with yet another markup.

Our Approach

We meet with the women selling each rug to understand time, labor, and story behind the weave. We never go below her first asking price.
We polish and share the stories behind each rug and ship them to the US, where they are available online only.
10% reinvested into community
We ask artisans what they need and invest 10% of our profits in meeting these needs; from phones and cameras, to materials or donations to charity.