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Caring for and Cleaning Your Moroccan Rug

We often get asked how to care for a Moroccan rug and our response is, in short, don’t overthink it. These rugs are made to last for a lifetime and withstand the demanding weather conditions of Morocco. That said, below are a few tips for taking care of your piece once it arrives at home.

Fresh Air
If you have the space, take your weave outside and shake it vigorously at least once every two weeks. This will keep dust and dirt from settling in the fibers.

Blue Moroccan Rug

Vacuuming and Spot Treatment
If the rug is too large or you don’t have the space to shake it out, you can simply vacuum once a week. When you vacuum your rug, make sure you’re not using a brush attachment, or a rotating motor head (which is often also a brush). These kinds of vacuums pull at the natural fibers of your rug, which can strip it over time. Use the flat nozzle attachment on low power to lift dirt and dust without straining the weave. For rugs with a high pile, vacuum in the direction of the pile and lift the nozzle after every move. Feel free to flip the rug and vacuum the reverse side to get anything that is deep in the piles as well. 

If you spill anything on the rug, you can spot-clean the piece. While we do not anticipate any of our colors to bleed we would suggest a minimal use of water and non-chemical dish soap and dab with a towel to remove any excess of liquid.

Glaoui Moroccan Rug

Of course, direct sunlight will fade the colors of your weave over time. Every three to six months, it’s a great idea to rotate your rug. This can help prevent the sun from fading one section of the rug disproportionately. Bacteria can also accumulate in the fibers when a piece of furniture is sitting on top of it, so be sure to remove the furniture and vacuum the places that get limited foot traffic and sunlight, too. 

If you want to preserve the colors, consider a spot in your home without harsh direct sunlight, or move the rug from time to time to give it a break from the sun. But keep in mind: even as the sun fades your colors over time, this tends to bring even more character and charm to your piece. 

Colorful Moroccan Rug in Sun

Shedding and Loose Threads
Shedding is completely normal as we use natural wool fibers. It should subside within a couple of weeks from delivery. If you happen to see any knot come loose throughout the rug’s lifespan, don’t pull on the wool. Just simply cut the loose fiber from the rug to match the pile height.

With proper care, these rugs can last generations, collecting stories and character as they age. We hope with these simple tips you can enjoy yours for life.

Hanbel Moroccan Rug
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