Symbolism and History

Each step of the weaving process is meaningful. According to tradition, this storied weaving process gives the textiles magic, protective qualities. The finished pieces are considered shields from the evil eye.

The Artisan

The artisan is the heart of the process. She holds centuries of tradition and craft in her hands. As she knots the yarn and presses the weave with the hammer comb, she makes sure that evil doesn’t enter between the threads.

The Loom

The loom symbolizes protection. Usually set up in the artisan’s home, it’s the main instrument of the weaving process.

The Prayer

 The artisans start and finish weaving with a prayer called, Istikara, so that God can allow the best intentions to enter the rug. 

The Wool

Wool is considered lucky. It’s harvested without harm to the animals, washed, dried, and hand-spun. It’s usually dyed by hand with local herb, plant, and spice blends.

The Hammer Comb

 Hammer Combs are often carved with intricate designs to avert the evil eye from the weave.

The Gift of a Rug

Historically (and still to this day) rugs are given as a gesture of appreciation and love in the Moroccan culture.

For example, it is customary for a bride's family to either make and/or bring a rug as a gift for the groom's family. 

The Patterns

The textile designs come entirely from the artisan’s imagination. The patterns and iconography might depict the Village an artisan lives in, religious symbols, or wishes for future generations. 


Lion’s Paw:

A symbol of strength and protection.


A symbol of protection against the evil eye.


A symbol to protect against evil.


A symbol of positivity from a Baraka (blessing).


A symbol of respect.


A symbol of fertility.


A symbol of protection.

Good Luck Charm:

A symbol of protection and luck.


A symbol of fertility.


A symbol of fertility and magic.

Amazigh Fibula (Tazarzit):

A symbol of femininity.

Eight-Pointed Star:

A symbol of the seal of prophets.


A symbol of fertility and magic.


A symbol of protection.


A symbol of respect.


A symbol of protection for children.


A symbol of religious spells.

Partridge Eyes:

A symbol of beauty.

Animal Skeletons:

A symbol of magic/medicinal properties.


A symbol of respect.


A symbol of the "free man."