Ain Leuh's Protective Vintage Boucherouite

Ain Leuh's Protective Vintage Boucherouite - Salam Hello

Made By

Cooperative Tisseuses of Ain Leuh

Cooperative Tisseuses has existed since 1977 and was one the first weaving Cooperatives officially recognized in Morocco. As of today, the Cooperative is comprised of 24 full-time members. Ain Leuh is located in the Middle Atlas Mountains and is known for intricate Zemmour Hanbels and colorful Boucherouites.

Rug Style


This rug technique is called Boucherouite (pronounced boo-shay-reet). These pieces are made from yarn, recycled clothing, or even textile scraps. Boucherouite rugs are often used in weavers’ own homes. In fact, this style of rug wasn’t traditionally sold but their vibrant, playful nature has made them popular.