Shafa's Vintage Marmoucha Hanbel

Shafa's Vintage Marmoucha Hanbel - Salam Hello

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A small independent Association of artisans who reside in Marmoucha, a Village located north of Morocco and sits just south of Fez, has a total of 10 weavers. Marmoucha sits in the region where the infamous Beni Ourain Tribe once lived. Hence, the traditional Beni M’rirt rug.

Number of Artisans: 5
Association Founded: 2020
Region: Boulemane Province, Fès-Meknès
Rug Techniques: Medium-to-High Hand-Knot

Rug Style

Zemmour Hanbel

Originating in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Zemmour hanbel rugs and pillows are made with the thinnest of sheep's wool.

This labyrinth-like weaving technique requires acute focus and skill. Each symbol in the design is created with an intricate system of counting. You will always find something new to admire in these detailed pieces.

As the loom and weft (the yarn base of the weave) rub together, this creates a rhythmic sound, like the plucking of a guitar.