Matt & Arlena Petock

Matt & Arlena Petock

At Home With is an interview series from Salam Hello where we follow some of our favorite pieces into the homes of your favorite style icons, curators, and creators. Each interview explores what home means and the pieces, people, and practices that bring it all together.  

Matt, a film producer, and his wife Arlena, a real estate professional, made the leap from Brooklyn weekenders to upstate New York full timers in 2020. Now, with two dogs, three chickens, and a new baby, this couple is designing their dream home to be a unique combination of modern and traditional. Thanks to Matt’s budding collection of vintage Japanese movie posters and Arlena’s interior design experience, their home is a lovely combination of playful and traditional. Below, they share what makes their home feel personal — whether it be the first photographs they ever purchased together or the long hours they spend cooking dinners in their kitchen.

Our spaces are so personal — What does home look and feel like to you?

Home is where we work, play, take care of our pets, entertain, raise our new child, and spend the most time together. 

The design includes some lovely natural contradictions: It’s cozy, yet bright, neutral, yet full of color. It feels like our ultimate oasis and safe place. 

How would you describe your home's personal style in five words or less?

Modern and traditional, all at once.

Are there any rituals, routines, or practices that make your space feel like yours?

Investing way too much time in preparing dinner every night in our kitchen. It’s our favorite hobby.

Beyond the rug, can you tell us about an item in your home that has a story?

A print of a photograph in the guest bedroom is the first piece of art we purchased together from a photographer in Copenhagen. 

How has your sense of style at home evolved over the years?

At our first home, we stuck to the modern minimalism of black and white. When we moved here, we really wanted to embrace color and texture — a complete 180 degree shift from our previous space. We focused on timeless colors and shapes, like our Parsons style dining table, beadboard paneled bathroom and kitchen, and Shaker cabinets and media unit, which matches the farmhouse style of our house and the region.

We actually have very different style preferences. Matt prefers modern silhouettes and I would fill the house exclusively with antiques if he’d let me. So I think our middleground really shows in the pieces we have.

What are your go-to shops for home decor?

There’s an antique shop right down the road from us called Maple Lawn, run by a local guy out of his backyard barn. 

Clove & Creek is a local shop we frequent. Some favorite online shops are Lulu & Georgia, Hem, and Burke Decor. We’re pretty thrifty and are always buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace.

What is one thing in your home that you recommend to everyone?

The Aarke water carbonator, ha!

Thanks so much Matt & Arlena, we can’t wait to follow along as your family continues to grow!  See more from Arlena and her space here. Love their rug? Get inspired with similar pieces below.

Photographed by Capture Catskills

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