Mbarka's Driftwood Hanbel

Mbarka's Driftwood Hanbel - Salam Hello

Made By

Mbarka and Khadija

Mbarka and Khadija were the first artisans we ever worked with and through the years they have become our extended family. Residing just outside the old Village of Tazenakht, this mother-daughter duo has been weaving together for decades. They both specialize in the intricate hanbel technique and, depending on how big the rug is, they will enlist the help of their neighbors, cousins, or siblings to help complete the piece.

Region: Siroua
Rug Techniques: Intricate Hanbel, Flatweave, Low Hand-Knot

Rug Style


Flatweave rugs are thin, soft, strong and full of symbolism. They’re also called “hanbel” or “aknif” in Arabic. All of our flatweave/hanbel rugs are made in the south of Morocco, which produces the highest quality flatweaves.