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> Sfia's Vintage Glaoui

Sfia's Vintage Glaoui - Salam Hello
Sfia's Vintage Glaoui - Salam Hello
Sfia's Vintage Glaoui - Salam Hello
Ait Daoud Vintage Runner - Salam Hello

Sfia's Vintage Glaoui

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19.2" x 3'-7" (.49 x 1.10 m)
Rug Style: Vintage Glaoui (40+ years old)
Pile: Low
Materials: 100% live sheep’s wool, natural and undyed 

The Story Behind the Weave:
This vintage Amazigh rug is over 40 years old and comes from Sfia's family.

belongs to the Association Le Vieux Village which is a beautiful collective of women artisans just outside of Tazenakht. Mlouka, pictured, is the matriarch of the collective women weavers. 

This vintage rug was made from 100% natural sheep's wool and Sfia's family used locally sourced spices and plants to dye the wool. 

This rug style is known as Glaoui. It is an extremely technical weave as it incorporates three techniques: Hand-weaving, hand-knotting and hand-embroidery. 

Due to the age of this piece, you will find some light fraying on either end. With proper care, this piece will continue to charm for many years to come.