Living Room Moroccan Rug

Styling Your Moroccan Rug

With their diversity of styles, Moroccan rugs can serve so many purposes in your home. There are the practical things: noise reduction, hiding that worn-down flooring, or just having something warm and cozy under your feet. But for us, the most exciting thing about bringing a new piece home is seeing how it will bring the elements of a room together. Adding a rug to your room instantly gives the room a personality. It can be the focal point of a room or the final touch; an accent or a foundation. 

Living Room Rug
There is no room that is off-limits when you’re thinking about adding a Moroccan rug to your home, but finding the perfect rug all depends on the room you’re trying to fill and the role your rug will play. We’ve put together some styling notes and broken down our most popular rug sizes to help. 

There are so many ways to approach color. If you’ve chosen a piece with lots of colors, your rug can act as a palette for your space — when you source other pieces for your space, you can pull colors from the rug as your guide. Many Moroccan rugs are more neutral and natural-toned, which makes them a great fit for both colorful spaces where other pieces are the star, as well as spaces with a natural or neutral motif. Smaller rugs and runners make great accents, and can help integrate new colors into a space, or highlight existing ones. Shop our collection of colorful Moroccan rugs here

Colorful Moroccan Rug

The great thing about Moroccan rugs is the diversity of styles. The style of each tribe or region often reflects the climate, needs, and customs of that particular community. Artisans in the snowy Atlas Mountains specialize in thicker rugs than the artisans who reside in the desert, for example. This variation continues throughout every weave choice—from the animals, the wools are harvested from and the dye ingredients available to the local symbols and traditions. To figure out what style is best for your space, check out our comprehensive rug style guide.

The Bedroom
To create a warm foundation: Find a rug that stretches beyond your bed frame. You can have it extend on the front end or find a piece that grounds all your furniture from the bed frame to the side tables. The best sizes for this approach are 8’ x 10’, 9’ x 12’, 11’ x 15’. 

Bedroom Rug

To mix and match: Flank both sides of your bed with an accent piece or runners. Mix and match for a more eclectic look or find matching pieces to create symmetry on each side. The best sizes for this approach are 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 6’.

Bedroom Rug
Shop our collection of Moroccan bedroom rugs here

The Living Room
If you’re looking for an accent piece for small to medium size rooms, center the room around your rug by styling it under the coffee table, or allowing just the front legs of the furniture to touch the rug. The best sizes for this approach are  4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, 6’ x 9’. 

Living Room Rug

If you have a larger living room and you’re looking to ground all the furniture, get something larger that can fit all of your furniture. Depending on your room size, you’ll want something large like an 8’ x 10’, 9’ x 12’, or 12’ x 14’.

Living Room Rug
Shop our collection of Moroccan living room rugs here

Hallways and Kitchens
In narrow spaces, a runner is the best value-add. It can be used as a transition piece for a hallway or simply to add color and warmth to the kitchen floor. The best sizes for this approach are 30" x5', 30" x7, 30" x10''.

Hallway Runner

Shop our collection of Moroccan runners here

The Dining Room
For dining rooms, it’s always wise to compliment the table by picking a size that can be a base for the chairs, even when the guests push the chairs back to get up. Depending on your table size, you’ll want to look at pieces that are in this range: 5’ x 7’, 6’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, 6’ x 9’.

Dining Room
Shop our collection of Moroccan dining room rugs here. 

The Bathroom
Finding a rug for the bathroom can be tricky, as you’ll need to make sure the material can withstand damp environments. If you have the space, a long runner around the vanity can look quite chic. The best sizes for this approach are 30" x5', 30" x7, 3’ x 5’.

Bathroom Rug
Shop our collection of Moroccan bathroom rugs here. 

Outdoor Spaces
When placing a rug outside you should think less about the size and more about the techniques. The best rugs to be placed outside are Boucherouite Rugs and Tuareg Mats. Boucherouites work well outside as they are made from recycled materials and are easily cleaned via your household washing machine.

Tuareg Mats were originally intended to be placed on the desert floor to create a home base for their Nomadic makers. They are extremely durable and built to last the harshest of climates. 

Outdoor Rugs

Shop our collection of Moroccan outdoor rugs here. 

The Walls
One great way to style your rugs is by using it as a wall hanging. This can be a great way to add color and texture to a space, especially if you have high ceilings otherwise difficult to fill. Just be mindful of sun exposure as that will fade your rug over time. 

Wall Decor
Shop our collection of Moroccan wall decor rugs 

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