What To Eat, See, and Do in Marrakech

What To Eat, See, and Do in Marrakech

Marrakech stands as an unrivaled destination – an ancient city filled with sights, sounds, smells, tastes like nowhere else. 

Koutoubia Mosque
If you’re curious about an expertly-curated day trip in Marrakech, Salam Hello also offers a one-day excursion. You will get to explore the city and travel towards the High Atlas Mountains, visiting a variety of Amazigh villages, witnessing skilled artisans at their looms, enjoying a delightful home-cooked meal, and browsing our studio's diverse selection of rugs upon return to Marrakech.

Stack of Rugs
For the rest of your trip, one of Salam Hello's founders, Mallory Solomon, shares her favorite things to eat, do, and see in Marrakech. 


  1. Nomad: A must-visit, classic Marrakech establishment, Nomad serves modern Moroccan cruising with an international twist, on the rooftop overlooking the souk. Don’t forget to make a reservation.


  2. La Famille : For a delightful lunch in the medina, step away from traditional Moroccan food and savor these veggie-filled, fresh dishes under the shade of lemon trees. Each day brings a new menu offering. 

  3. Plus 61: Helmed by acclaimed Australian chef Martin Goetz and located in the new city, this restaurant prides itself on serving locally sourced goodness. To experience their full variety, we recommend ordering family-style, allowing you to savor a diverse range of delicious dishes.

  4. Sahbi Sahbi: Translating to "My Friend, My Friend" in Darija (the form or Aranic spoken in Morocco) this restaurant is a must-visit in Marrakech. Designed by Studio KO, it boasts stunning aesthetics and is led by women. With nods from prestigious publications like Architectural Digest, Surface, and Dezeen, getting a reservation here is a must for an extraordinary dining experience.

  5. Guided Street Food Tour: Eat like a local. Explore a delightful array of street food, from olives to tangia, guaranteed to awaken your taste buds. Don't hesitate to reach out for our recommended guide to make the most of this experience.

    Local Spice Market

  6. Honorable mentions: Les Jardin du Lotus (perfect for a medina lunch break), Le Kilim (a trendy cafe co-owned by Nomad’s owner), Café Des Épices (a rooftop restaurant great for dinner), Bo-zin (upscale, gorgeous dinner spot), Maison Reine (a new establishment on the outskirts of the medina), Blue Ribbon (a newly opened cafe with the only bagels in town), and Jajjah (tea with a side of art.)

    jajjah marrakech tea


    1. LRNCE: For modern, bespoke ceramics, housewares, and textiles that are guaranteed to be the envy of everyone at home 


    2. Moro Marrakech: A boutique that began as a skin care line, Moro has a stunning collection of unique, jewelry, clothing, beauty products, and housewares, plus food for when you need a much-deserved shopping break.


    3. Azra: No trip to Marrakech is complete without a stop for jewelry, and Azra has some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful pieces.

    4. Amazonite: This shop is off the beaten path, and well worth the visit: Here, you’ll find authentic Amazigh silver and an assortment of vintage treasures. 


    5. Nora Ayron: One of the first designers to blend traditional Moroccan craft techniques with couture design, creating bold, one-of-a-kind collections of kaftans, jumpsuits, long dresses, tunics, and blouses.

    6. Lalla: A very fun store for brightly colored bags, clutches and accessories, Lalla products are all made by local Marrakech craftsmen. 

    7. Guided shopping trip: Leave it to the experts to take you to the best places to source vintage pieces in/around the medina. Reach out for our recommended guide.

      medina shopping


    1. Get a Hammam: With all the shopping, eating, and sightseeing, you’re going to need some downtime. A hammam is a Moroccan tradition. In fact, the public hammam is one of five traditional elements found in every neighborhood of Marrakech. Here, you’re slathered in black soap and scrubbed clean, a tradition seeped in community that allows for deep rest and relaxation.

      Royal Mansour Spa

    2. Support local artisans: Marrakech is home to some of the finest craftsmanship in the world, many of which sell their work at the city’s legendary souks, or open air markets. Salam Hello hosts day trips to meet the talented artisans who weave rugs – and you can even sit with the weavers and help them card, hand-spin, and weave a rug. 

    3. Eat Msemmen: A flat, square-shaped pieces of light, flakey, buttery bread served in the mornings with a hot glass of tea. They are an essential for any Marrakech trip.

      Making Msemmen

    4. Experience Friday Couscous: A tradition in Moroccan culture, Friday is considered a sacred day in Islam and after the midday prayer it's custom to spend the afternoon indulging in home-cooked couscous. There's something truly special about sitting at a local family's home and savoring this cherished dish. 


    5. Drink lots of tea: Traditionally made from gunpowder green tea, with lots of fresh mint this is a staple of Moroccan culture. It’s not just a drink, but a symbol of hospitality. 

    6. Get lost in the medina: For all the guidebooks and lists of recommendations, nothing beats wandering the medina and letting yourself get a little lost in the mazes of alleys and labyrinthine streets in Marrakech’s ancient neighborhood. 


    7. Explore the new city: While the medina is Marrakech’s oldest neighborhood, and Gueliz is it’s newest, a neighborhood founded in 1914 that houses Marrakech’s contemporary scene, the latest area brimming with new shops is Sidi Ghanem (the Industrial Zone) In fact, Salam Hello is under construction to open our own showroom in the area Fall 2023.


      1. Le Jardin Majorelle and YSL Museum: Dedicated to the work of the late fashion designer and housing more than 70,000 garments, the YSL museum and accompanying Majorelle botanic garden is a gorgeous, sprawling estate.

        Marjolle Garden

      2. Ben Madrasa Yossef: An ancient Islamic college, this historical site was built in the 14th century and was just recently restored. It is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture.

        Médersa Ben Youssef

      3. Le Jardin Secret: This not-so-secret garden is a magical oasis in the city center, a traditional Islamic garden that’s only been open to the public since 2016.

      4. Dar El Bacha Museum: A museum with accompanying gardens and a coffee shop specializing in Arabica coffee.

        Bacha Coffee

      5. Walk around La Mamounia: A luxury palace hotel with breathtaking grounds to walk around. Stay for a traditional tea service to get the royal treatment. 


        1. Riad Kniza: A small, family-owned luxury hotel in the heart of the medina.

          Royal Mansour

        2. La Maison Arabe: Morocco’s first boutique riad includes a cooking school and hammam spa.


        3. L-Hotel Marrakech: A privately-owned riad away from the city center for a relaxing stay.

        4. Riad l'Orangeraie: Beautiful boutique riad nestled in the medina with the most welcoming staff. 

        5. Rosemary: Though not open yet, we’re eagerly anticipating the opening of Rosemary, a hotel by Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert, known for her brand LRNCE.
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