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> Fadila's Amazigh Beni

Fadila's Amazigh Beni - Salam Hello
Fadila's Amazigh Beni - Salam Hello
Fadila's Amazigh Beni - Salam Hello
Fadila's Amazigh Beni - Salam Hello
Khalti's Neutral Vintage Hand-Knot - Salam Hello

Fadila's Amazigh Beni

While this piece is sold out, not to worry. Email us at and we can work with the artisan to produce a similar handcrafted rug unique to you, delivered within 2 months.

Size: 6' x 9'-4" (1.85 x 2.86 m)
Rug Style: Beni Ourain
Pile: Small to Medium
Materials: 100% live, undyed sheep’s wool

The Story Behind the Weave:
The Association Le Vieux Village is a beautiful collective of women artisans just outside of Tazenakht. 

This modernized Beni Ourain comes from Fadila who belongs to the association but lives far away on the foothills of the Middle Atlas Mountains. Naima, pictured, who is the leader of the association is Fadila's cousin.

Fadila carded, brushed and spun the wool by hand using 100% live wool from her local shepherd.

This rug style is known as Beni Ourain. The name represents a region that includes 17 Amazigh (Berber) tribes, all living among the Atlas Mountains. This is the most commonly known style of Moroccan rugs, while they usually share geometric design elements, each tribe has their own signature style. 

Fadila modernized this piece by incorporating traditional Amazigh symbols throughout the rug. The shapes within the weave represent symbols from the Tamazight language as well as symbolism of protection, strength, and luck to name a few.