Fatima’s Mashrabiya Kilim

Fatima’s Mashrabiya - Salam Hello

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Made By

Aït Barra

In Aït Barra, the weaving tradition has been carefully nurtured by a woman named Rokia. At almost 100 years old, Rokia has taught nearly all the women of the Village to weave. Because of her seniority, the artisans trust Rokia to house and sell their rugs. As her memory has started to fade, Rokia’s daughters, Rabha and Latifa, have stepped in to run the Village rug sales for the collective of 15 artisans. The rug styles range from Flatweave and Kilim to Handria.

Rug Style


The Kilim style originates from the Middle Atlas Mountain region.

These rugs carry symbolism around the identity of the tribes weaving them.

Many Kilim designs are interpretations of a popular window dressing in Moroccan homes; intricate latticework surrounding oriel (or bay-style) windows with stained glass accents that create shade and privacy while allowing natural light to enter the home.