Fatima's Vibrant Vintage Beni M’Guild

Fatima's Vibrant Vintage Beni M’Guild - Salam Hello

While this piece is sold out, don't hesitate to email us at hello@salamhello.com. We can work with the artisan to create a similar handcrafted piece just for you.

Made By

Cooperative Tamghart Ouchflin

Saida and her sister Khadijah started a small Association of women weavers in their Village to help their elder neighbors sell their beautiful, handcrafted rugs. The women live in the Al Haouz Province of Morocco, 20 kilometers outside of Amizmiz in the High Atlas Mountains. This Province is home to the Boujad Tribe and the rugs crafted in this region take on the Tribe’s namesake.

Rug Style


Our Vintage pieces were usually made by grandmas or great aunts and then passed down through generations. Even when a family runs out of room or decides to sell an old rug, they’re bound to bring beauty to their next home.

Most vintage rugs you will find in local Moroccan markets are purchased by male brokers, who visit neighboring villages and buy up all the pieces they can in one transaction.

Our process is different, as we work directly with the women selling these heirloom rug pieces. We visit their homes and neighborhoods to see the pieces in-person and negotiate face-to-face.

One telltale way to spot vintage rugs is by their odd shapes, as they may have been made to fit into old buildings, or specific spaces generations ago.