Le Vieux Navy Hanbel Pillow

Le Vieux Navy Hanbel Pillow - Salam Hello

    Made By

    Le Vieux Village Association

    The Association Le Vieux Village is a beautiful collective of women artisans just outside of Tazenakht. This Association is a true family affair. Mlouka, the matriarch of the collective, has passed the art of weaving down to her daughters, Naima and Fatima, daughters-in-law, Latifa and Meriem, cousins, and villagers. All of the rugs from Le Vieux are made from 100% live wool that was brushed, carded, and hand-spun by the women of the Association.

    Number of Artisans: 40
    Association Founded: 2001
    Region: Siroua
    Rug Techniques: Low Hand-Knot, Boucherouite, Kharita, Zanafi, Flatweave, Intricate Hanbel