Ait Yadine Vintage Hanbel Pouf - Pink

Ait Yadine Vintage Hanbel Pouf - Pink - Salam Hello

Made By

Ait Yadine

Located in the north of Morocco, Ait Yadine is a small Village near Khemisset, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. This collective of weavers has 8 members, and produces medium to high hand-knots, consistent with the weather and type of wool available in the region.

Rug Style

Intricate Hanbel

This style is thought to originate from the area in and around the Village of Tazenakht, an area rich with a weaving history. While the majority of this weave is flat, the design accents are either embroidered or have a slightly higher pile, giving this piece texture and dimension. Every design element comes entirely from the artisan’s imagination. The design elements within this technique tend to depict an array of symbolism in the Amazigh culture.