Ait Yadine Vintage Souk Kilim

Ait Yadine Vintage Souk Kilim - Salam Hello

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Ait Yadine

Located in the north of Morocco, Ait Yadine is a small Village near Khemisset, is in the Middle Atlas Mountains. This collective of weavers has members, and produces medium to high hand-knots, consistent with the weather and type of wool available in the region.

Number of Weavers: 8
Region: Middle Atlas Mountains
Rug Techniques: Medium To High Hand-Knot

Rug Style


The kilim style originates from the Middle Atlas mountain region.

These rugs carry symbolism around the identity of the tribes weaving them.

Many kilim designs are interpretations of a popular window dressing in Moroccan homes; intricate lattice work surrounding oriel (or bay-style) windows with stained glass accents that create shade and privacy while allowing natural light to enter the home.