Mina's Patchwork Zanafi

Mina's Patchwork Zanafi - Salam Hello

Made By

Aït Tigga

Aït Tigga is a Village located about 29 kilometers east of the Village Anzal. Up until a year ago, Aït Tigga was only accessible via an off-road route, so the artisans of the Village would send their rugs to the women of Anzal to sell on their behalf. Thanks to a new road, the artisans of Aït Tigga are now able to sell independently. This collective of 12 artisans weave a variety of rug styles, but their specialty is called Kharita ("map" in Arabic). This complex weaving technique consists of a labyrinthine of geometric shapes and has the same design on both sides, making the rugs reversible.

Number of Artisans: 12
Region: Siroua
Rug Techniques: Flatweave, Hanbel, Zanafi, Low Hand-Knot, Kharita, Mixed Techniques

Rug Style

Mixed Technique

Mixed weaving techniques represent a new modern technique where the artisan will bring two techniques she specializes in. The combinations could be endless either combining two techniques such as Zanafi x Hand-Knot, or three Hand-Knot, Flatweave x Zanafi.

These rugs usually showcase quite modern designs.