M'rirt's Puzzle Piece Zanafi - Black & White

M'rirt's Puzzle Piece Zanafi - Black & White - Salam Hello

Made By

Keltouma and the Artisans of M’rirt

Keltouma and her daughter Soukina lead this group of 25 artisans from a Village just outside Beni M’rirt, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Founded in the early 2000s, the collective makes medium to high hand-knot rugs, as well as M’rirt Zanafi rugs, a style named after the region. Traditional rugs from this region use a thick knotting technique, which makes the rugs feel extra plush.

Number of Artisans: 25
Association Founded: 2000
Region: Beni M’rirt/Middle Atlas Mountains
Rug Techniques: Boujad, Medium-to-High Hand-Knot, M’rirt Zanafi

Rug Style

M'rirt Zanafi

While the more traditional Zanafi’s are made in the southeast, there is a Zanafi technique that has been interpreted by the weavers of the Middle Atlas mountains.

The big difference with this interpretation is that it loses the ability to be reversible and is made without the side tassels.