M'rirt's Zigzag Vintage Zanafi

M'rirt's Zigzag Vintage Zanafi - Salam Hello

Made By

Keltouma and the Artisans of M’rirt

Keltouma and her daughter Soukina lead this group of 25 artisans from a Village just outside Beni M’rirt, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Founded in the early 2000s, the collective makes medium to high hand-knot rugs, as well as M’rirt Zanafi rugs, a style named after the region. Traditional rugs from this region use a thick knotting technique, which makes the rugs feel extra plush.

Number of Artisans: 25
Association Founded: 2000
Region: Beni M’rirt/Middle Atlas Mountains
Rug Techniques: Boujad, Medium-to-High Hand-Knot, M’rirt Zanafi