Taloust Patchwork Runner

Taloust Patchwork Runner - Salam Hello

Made By

Aït Tigga

Aït Tigga is a Village located about 29 kilometers east of the Village Anzal. Up until a year ago, Aït Tigga was only accessible via an off-road route, so the artisans of the Village would send their rugs to the women of Anzal to sell on their behalf. Thanks to a new road, the artisans of Aït Tigga are now able to sell independently. This collective of 12 artisans weave a variety of rug styles, but their specialty is called Kharita ("map" in Arabic). This complex weaving technique consists of a labyrinthine of geometric shapes and has the same design on both sides, making the rugs reversible.

Number of Artisans: 12
Region: Siroua
Rug Techniques: Flatweave, Hanbel, Zanafi, Low Hand-Knot, Kharita, Mixed Techniques

Rug Style

Kharita / Tazenakht

This rug style has a few different names; Golden Fingers, Kharita ("map" in Arabic) or Tazenakht. This complex weaving technique is usually made by the senior members of the Village. This technique consists of a maze of geometric shapes that has the same design on both sides which allows this rug to be reversible. This flatweave is incredibly strong and will withstand the test of time.