In the Weave | The Cost of a Moroccan Rug

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In the Weave | Making a Moroccan Rug

Making a Moroccan rug is a lengthy process rooted in rich tradition. Amazigh women have been handweaving textiles since 600 B.C., passing the craft from generation to generation. Each step of the weaving process is imbued with meaning.
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In the Weave | Symbolism

Part of what makes Moroccan rugs so artful is that every step of the traditional weaving process has meaning. It’s a storied process rich in tradition that gives the textiles protective qualities that feel like magic. The finished pieces, in fact, have long been considered shields from the evil eye. 
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In the Weave | Introducing Izra

Izra, written in Amazigh as ⵉⵣⵔⴰ, loosely translates as “weave of the day,” is a collection of rugs designed in partnership with General Assembly. 
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In the Weave | Types of Moroccan Rug

“Moroccan Rug” is a catchall term for a vast array of rug styles. Weaving techniques vary across tribes, regions, and villages. Since the weaving craft is taught by elders, the style of each tribe or region often reflects the climate, needs, and customs of that particular community.
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In the Weave | Tuareg Mats

Tuareg Mats are woven by the Taureg tribe. Each mat is one-of-a-kind and tells a unique story from the artisan. The design motifs are similar to those in traditional Moroccan Amazigh pieces, often representing strength, protection, and prosperity.
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