Introducing Izra

Introducing Izra

For four years, Salam Hello has worked with artisans to bring customers artful, hand-knotted Moroccan rugs – pieces that feel more like collectibles with heart, objects that help you feel at home rather than simply home decor. Now, Salam Hello is introducing its newest collection Izra, which it’s releasing in partnership with award-winning interior design studio General Assembly, marking a major milestone for the company as its first ever outside partnership beyond the artisans themselves.

General Assembly and Salam Hello

Izra, written in Amazigh as
ⵉⵣⵔⴰ, loosely translates as “weave of the day,” and includes five unique styles ranging in color, cost, and size. 

The rugs are the culmination of thousands of woolen knots irregularly woven together by 25 Amazigh artisans in a village just outside of Beni M’rirt in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains. 

Izra on the Loom

The effect is meticulous poetry, with columns of knots in rich colors. The story of each rug is baked into the design, which marks the artisans’ days of work: Each column represents the number of artisans at the loom, while each box represents the artisans work of the day. Choosing a different color each day, the final rug tells a beautiful story of time and craftsmanship.

Colors of Izra Collection

Produced by a Mother (Keltouma) / Daughter (Soukina)-run, all-female collective, this collection of textiles serves as a vessel for the beloved, intergenerational craft of handwoven textiles that has been ever-present in Morocco since 600 BC. Steeped in tradition, this timeless practice is a material manifestation of history itself. 

Izra Poppy Rug and Izra Natural Rug

“When we design a space, we consider rugs very early in the creative process because of the character and texture they bring into a room,” says Sarah Zames, General Assembly co-founder. “To us, their use extends beyond decoration and serves as a kind of architectural tool that allows you to define spatial boundaries and reimagine a space entirely,” 

Izra Indigo Rug

The one-of-a-kind rugs will be available both via Salam Hello and General Assembly’s store Assembly Line, which was born as a place for collaboration and community – a space where like-minded people can foster their passion for beautiful materials, intentional products and thoughtful spaces. 

“An anchoring concept in the inception of Assembly Line was the intention to amplify the craftspeople behind the objects we sell,” says Colin Stief, General Assembly co-founder. “We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal project to serve as our first product launch in the store.” 

Izra At Assembly Line
It’s a fitting partnership with Salam Hello, a brand so deeply rooted in this shared ethos, and it’s in this spirit that the collection with Salam Hello was born.

“We’ve always admired General Assembly’s ability to balance modernity with artistry and craft,” says Mallory Solomon of Salam Hello. “They have a way of capturing all your senses in the spaces they design.” 

Izra Poppy Rug
Shop the Izra collection here

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