Hélène Heath

Hélène Heath

At Home With is an interview series from Salam Hello where we follow some of our favorite pieces into the homes of your favorite style icons, curators, and creators. Each interview explores what home means and the pieces, people, and practices that bring it all together.

Hélène Heath is a French Canadian content creator based in Hudson, New York. After a diverse career in editorial, styling, writing, and social media, Hélène began her career as a content creator at the start of the pandemic. Her work spans fashion, beauty, and interiors, including her latest personal project: turning her old Hudson farmhouse into her dream home. 

Our spaces are so personal — What does home look and feel like to you? 
I’m such a nester, so home is a huge priority for me. I wasn't much of a homebody when I lived in the city, but even then I had a strong need for making my dwelling somewhere I felt both comfortable and comforted (I’m a Taurus after all, lol). I always find people's interior design choices so interesting because homes are an aesthetic reflection of who we are in a physical space where we can exist completely freely as ourselves. What a marvelous thing. Home is a place that’s lived-in and filled with things that tell a story about who we are, what we like, and who we aspire to be. And above all, to me, home is as much a feeling as it is a physical space, and I've found that the idea of a “home” can also apply to people and how you feel about them.

What are other spaces, besides your own home, that feel like home to you? 
My parents’ place, even though they’ve moved around a lot, will always feel like home. Which goes back to home applying to people as well. I think of my husband as “home” and wherever he is makes me feel like I’m in a place of comfort and ease. 

How would you describe your home's personal style in five words or less
Funny enough, I think about this a lot for many things – I’m a big fan of finding specific keywords to nail down a vibe. What comes to mind for my home are: cozy, meaningful, timeless, chic, charming. 

Beyond your Salam Hello rug, can you tell us about an item in your home that has a story?
I love this question! And the truth is, almost every piece in here tells a story because most things have been sourced at antique stores, won at auction, or passed down through many generations from a family member. From the furniture to the lighting to the art on the walls, nothing’s been selected without careful thought or appreciation for its history. 

What are your go-to shops for home decor?
John and I are big antiquers and luckily the Hudson Valley is an antique Mecca. We’re so lucky to have amazing dealers right here in Hudson, but all over the region too. We also love doing the antique fairs, Brimfield in the spring being a favorite. I’ve also developed a LiveAuctioneers addiction, sorry not sorry. I love the Chairish marketplace. Etsy is also a great resource for second hand home goods. My modern retailers of predilection are Armadillo Rugs, Jenni Kayne Home, ABC Carpet and Home, Soho Home, Maiden Home, Schoolhouse, Cedar + Moss.

What is one thing in your home that you recommend to everyone? 
Not even joking, a Salam Hello rug, haha! I’m always raving about the comfort of the pile and the amazing process it was to have our dream rug come together. Plus the ready-made selection is out of this world.

Whether it's a signature color, a certain style of art, or a collection, as your space has come together, have you noticed any fun themes? 
We’ve definitely developed an obsession with vintage oil paintings (largely thanks to a dear art advisor friend who’s been helping us deck our walls), especially from the Hudson River School movement (for obvious reasons), but really anything nautical, with animals, or a landscape. Mostly the darker and more damaged the better, ha!

What is the feeling that you want your home to evoke?
People almost always remark how cozy it is, which to me is the highest level of complement. I interpret that as comfortable and soothing. It’s a great personal accomplishment because that’s how I want to vibe inside my house at all times.

Thanks so much for the inspiring convo, Hélène! Follow along on Hélène’s farmhouse journey,
here! Love her rug? Browse similar pieces below, or reach out to start the process for a custom rug!

Photographed by Sergio Villatoro.

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