Keltouma's Glaoui Maze

Keltouma's Glaoui Maze - Salam Hello

Made By

Le Vieux Village Association

The Association Le Vieux Village is a beautiful collective of women artisans just outside of Tazenakht. This Association is a true family affair. Mlouka, the matriarch of the collective, has passed the art of weaving down to her daughters, Naima and Fatima, daughters-in-law, Latifa and Meriem, cousins, and villagers. All of the rugs from Le Vieux are made from 100% live wool that was brushed, carded, and hand-spun by the women of the Association.

Rug Style


The Glaoui technique is named after the Glaoua (Glawa) Tribe of southern Morocco.

Glaoui is an extremely technical weave as it incorporates three techniques: Flatweave, Hand-Knot and Embroidery.